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Why are crocodile leather watch straps so expensive ?

There are many types of watch straps, and some people may ask why crocodile leather straps are so expensive ? Today our professionals will explain to you one by one. (1) Rare Crocodile skin is scarce in the world. As a rare, precious and special species, it is impossible to breed and produce as much […]

How long can a crocodile skin watch strap used ?

Some people may ask why crocodile leather watch strap is so expensive? Is it because it can be used for a long time and will not be easily damaged? Today our professionals will explain to you in details. The crocodile leather strap is not as strong as the calf leather strap, it is also a […]

How to maintain crocodile leather watch strap ?

The crocodile leather watch strap can be called gold in the leather material industry. The crocodile leather material is precious and famous for its luxury and rarity. The reason for this situation is that the number of crocodiles is small, and only a small part of the crocodile skin can be used for leather, watch […]

How to maintain genuine leather watch straps?

In daily life, I believe many people have used genuine leather watch straps. So do you know how to maintain the leather watch strap to make the leather strap last longer? Now our professionals will explain to you in details. As with other leather things, the most taboo of leather watch straps is water. If […]

Classification and materials for smart watch straps

There are many different styles of smart watch straps on the market, which can almost meet people’s daily needs. Do you know the different styles? Today our professionals will explain to you one by one. 1. Precious metal strap: expensive, meticulous and luxurious. Suitable for expensive watches and jewelry watches, but also suitable for wearing […]

What is the reason why the leather watch strap is stiffer?

In daily life, have you found out that the leather watch strap you just bought is harden when being touched? Is it because you bought a fake leather strap ? Today our professionals will give you a detailed explanation. The genuine leather is made by peeling the animal’s skin and then chemically treated, while the […]

Good feedback from HK watch fair

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