Classification and materials for smart watch straps

There are many different styles of smart watch straps on the market, which can almost meet people’s daily needs. Do you know the different styles? Today our professionals will explain to you one by one.

1. Precious metal strap: expensive, meticulous and luxurious. Suitable for expensive watches and jewelry watches, but also suitable for wearing on special occasions.

2. Steel chain strap: the price is moderate, both high and low end straps are available. Its advantages are durable, bold and sporty. The main disadvantage is that it may cause allergies to some skin, the strap is not easy to clean, and it is easy to hide dirt.

3. Leather strap: There are quite a lot of types, and the price difference is also extremely wide. There are crocodile, lizard, ostrich, calf and sheepskin etc. Newer leather watches come with: Devil’s Skin, Water Snake Skin. Elegant smart watches must be paired with top leather straps in order to show the overall elegance. Wearing comfort is its advantage. The main disadvantage is that it is susceptible to moisture, difficult to maintain, and not durable is its fatal injury.

4. canvas or nylon strap: cheap, mainly used for military watches or sports watches. The disadvantage is that it absorbs water and is prone to odor.

5. plastic strap: the cheapest price, mainly with electronic fashion watches. The pattern design is diverse and colorful, but it has the feeling of not growing up.

6. silicone rubber strap: gradually favored by watch manufacturers. It is mainly used for waterproof and diving watches, and its application will become more and more widespread in the future. Silicone rubber has excellent physical properties: non-toxic, high and low temperature resistance, acid and water resistance, elasticity, easy maintenance.

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