How to maintain crocodile leather watch strap ?

The crocodile leather watch strap can be called gold in the leather material industry. The crocodile leather material is precious and famous for its luxury and rarity. The reason for this situation is that the number of crocodiles is small, and only a small part of the crocodile skin can be used for leather, watch strap. Although this kind of leather is expensive, it is not as strong and durable as cowhide. Luxury watches are not originally based on more expensive and more durable as the value standard.

If you wear a crocodile leather watch strap every day, the life expectancy is generally about 2 years. If the strap uses a folding buckle, the situation is better; if it is a pin loop into the buttonhole like a belt, it is most likely to crack from the bent part. In fact, all leather straps are afraid of sunlight and frequent exposure to sweat, as well as water and humid gases. Otherwise, in these cases, the leather strap will dry out, become stiff, stinky, and eroded. This is the same situation as when wearing leather shoes.

The materials of general leather straps can be divided into crocodile skin, lizard skin, shark skin, ostrich skin, and calf leather etc, the price is different. No matter which kind of leather strap material is worn, it will produce odor and hardening occurs, if the proper maintenance methods can be taken, the life of the leather strap can be extended by more than half. A correct and ideal way to maintain is to use leather-compatible lotion, soft wet cloth, fast natural air-drying these three steps to keep your leather strap still fresh.

Let’s talk about daily maintenance: In daily life, you should try to avoid contact between the leather watch strap and the water. If you accidentally get wet, you should dry the leather strap and blow it with natural wind, or use a moderate temperature air blower in a hairdryer and then dry it. Please avoid stink when wear it; it is best to put the watch strap in a ventilated place when sleeping to let the cortical cells breathe openly; in winter, the strap hardens to a large extent, and it is easy to have a curved shape. Avoid fold back to damage the cortex. In addition, the dust on the strap can be wiped with a clean cloth and a little water, and then placed in a ventilated place to air dry. If the belt has been worn for a long time and the sweat odor is heavy, you can use a small brush with a little soapy water to quickly clean the dirty area, and rinse it quickly with water, then dry it with a dry cloth, and finally apply some leather oil if possible.

This is the daily maintenance method for the leather watch strap that I have told you today. The operation method is simple and convenient. I hope my tips will help you in the future.

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