What is the reason why the leather watch strap is stiffer?

In daily life, have you found out that the leather watch strap you just bought is harden when being touched? Is it because you bought a fake leather strap ? Today our professionals will give you a detailed explanation.

The genuine leather is made by peeling the animal’s skin and then chemically treated, while the fake leather (mainly PU, PVC) is made by chemical treatment with chemical fiber cloth. The difference between the two is in the difference in raw materials, but because the treatment method in the latter stage is similar, causing the surface effect to be very close and difficult to distinguish, but there are still many inherent physical properties with great differences.

If it is a genuine leather watch strap, the leather strap will be a bit stiff when you wear it for the first time. The longer you wear it, the more comfortable it will be. Like the new leather shoes we usually buy, when we first use it, it will be a bit sloppy, the more comfortable after wearing for several times.

It is worth noting that you must not wear a watch with a leather strap to swim (or do things that have been in contact with water for a long time) or long-term sweat soaks, it can also make the strap moldy. If it is accidentally exposed to rain, please wipe the watchband with a dry towel and place it in a cool and ventilated place to dry it, do not use fire or dry it in the sun.

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