How to tell whether the watch strap is a genuine leather or synthetic leather strap ?

In real life, there are many unscrupulous merchants who will exaggerate their products in various ways to attract more customers. So in this complicated market, how can we tell whether the watch band is a genuine leather band or synthetic leather band ? Today our professionals will explain to you one by one.

1, touch

That is, touch the leather surface with your hands, if you feel smooth, soft and elastic, it is genuine leather; while the surface of general artificial synthetic leather is astringent, rigid, and poor in softness.

2. Seeing

The genuine leather surface has clear pores and patterns, the yellow cowhide has more uniform fine pores, the yak leather has more sparse pores, and the goatskin has fish-scale pores; while the synthetic leather has a uniform thickness, a smooth surface, and no natural incompleteness, and its pores and patterns are very uniform.

3. Smell

All genuine leathers have the smell of leather; and artificial leathers have the smell of strong plastic.


Tear off a bit of fiber from the back of genuine leather and artificial leather, and when it is ignited, anyone with a pungent odor and solid waste is artificial leather; anyone with a hair odor that will not generate hard grain is genuine leather.

5, water absorption identification

The surface of the genuine leather has better water absorption, while the synthetic leather has the better water resistance. You can use your finger to dipped some water and wipe it on the surface of the strap to observe its water absorption. If the water absorption is good, it is genuine leather, the water absorption is poor or it does not absorb at all, and most of them are synthetic leather.

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