How to maintain genuine leather watch straps?

In daily life, I believe many people have used genuine leather watch straps. So do you know how to maintain the leather watch strap to make the leather strap last longer? Now our professionals will explain to you in details.

As with other leather things, the most taboo of leather watch straps is water. If you immerse them in water for a long time, the leather straps will immediately become hard and brittle, including human sweat. Therefore, you must not wear a watch with a leather strap to swim (or do things that have been in contact with water for a long time). Long-term sweat soaking can also make the leather watch strap moldy. If you are a person who particularly sweats, it is not suitable to wear a leather watch strap. So many people have two watch straps of metal and leather, suitable for leather straps in the cool, and metal strap in summer. There are also more careful people who will take off the original leather watch strap from the watch, and usually use other cheap equivalent straps to substitute, they are very clever.

Long-term strong sunlight will discolor the surface of the leather watch strap, and also accelerate the aging of the leather. Certain chemical agents will also discolor the surface of the leather strap. When you wear it and pull it too hard, the fixed position is also prone to cracks (the greater the bending rate of the strap, the easier it is to break), so you should wear the strap carefully and gentlely. For a better leather strap, both edges of the strap are sewn with thread; the lower-end ones are basically glued with glue. After the strap is stained with sweat (sweat) or mildew, which is the easiest place to crack If you find any cracks on the surface, replace it immediately to prevent losing the watch.

To clean the genuine leather strap, you can wipe the surface of the strap with a damp and soft cloth moistened with toothpaste, and then quickly replace it with a cloth moistened with water, and then air dry in a cool place. General leather oil can be used for the maintenance of leather straps. It is best to wipe the straps every one or two months, and then use sheep oil to do some maintenance.

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