How long can a crocodile skin watch strap used ?

Some people may ask why crocodile leather watch strap is so expensive? Is it because it can be used for a long time and will not be easily damaged? Today our professionals will explain to you in details.

The crocodile leather strap is not as strong as the calf leather strap, it is also a consumable. Apart from the metal watch strap, a good-quality rubber watch strap is also very durable. The life span of a crocodile skin watch strap is usually 2 to 3 years. If the strap uses a “butterfly” buckle, the situation is better. If it is a pin loop into the buttonhole style like a belt, it is most likely to crack from the bent part. Crocodile skin can be called platinum in leather, known for its luxury and rarity. This is not only due to the scarce number of crocodiles, but also due to the slow growth of crocodile and the extremely high cost of breeding. The crocodile skin that can be used for making watch strap is limited to the narrow and long part of the crocodile’s abdomen. The crocodile skin is beautiful in its natural gradient checkered pattern, although it lacks elasticity, it has a very strong texture. There is a saying that as long as the crocodile leather is properly maintained, it will become more shiny and more flexible. Beloved by many stars and richman.

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