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Ostrich leather is recognized as one of the most precious and high-quality leathers in the world. Its light and soft texture, good breathability, and more resistant to pulling and abrasion than traditional cow leather make ostrich leather also very suitable as a strap material, the top tenwatch brands usually choose ostrich leather as the strap materia for expensive women’s watches.

There are also differences in the parts of ostrich leather. The ostrich skin on its own body often has pores left after the feathers are extracted. This ostrich skin often has more regular pores and higher values, skin produced from the quilt below the knee is called ostrich foot skin. The ostrich foot skin is not long, and the ostrich foot skin is also smaller and harder, so it is more suitable for making small leather goods such as wallets, straps etc. One of the top ten watches, Blancpain often uses ostrich skin as the strap material in its women’s watch series. because the soft and delicate ostrich skin is more suitable for women with delicate skin.